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Street Smart Transmission is a BBB Accredited Auto Transmission Supplier in Clearwater, FL
Fully Dyno Tested
Every transmission shipped has been through a complete road simulation (dyno test). Every transmission is cold AND hot-tested before shipment to ensure quality.
Torque Converters
Fully remanufactured torque converter included. Converters are tested for leaks, lockup and balance. All upgrades exceed OE requirements.

Warehouse Shipping Locations

1-3 Day Transit Time From National Warehouses

Q: I am going to self-install or have a friend do the installation. How does this affect your warranty?

A: Same 3 year parts, nationwide/transferable warranty applies, just no labor warranty reimbursement coverage is provided when the transmission is not installed at a repair shop.

Q: How much is tax?

A: Since the transmission is shipping from out of state, there is no tax. The only exception is Florida residents pay 7% sales tax.

Q: Do you provide any assistance for self-installers?

A: If you run into an issue you can call our product support hotline. You can also visit this link at AutoMD for details on self-installing your transmission which provides basic step-by-step.

Q: You need a TAG ID from my transmission. What does it look like and where can I find it?

A: You can find a TAG ID on the bellhousing of the transmission typically. Here is a Ford and GM tag example:

Q: How much fluid will I need?

A: You can download a fluid guide here.

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Dealer Quality.  Lower Price.

Q: Do you export transmissions outside the US?

A: At this time we only ship and warranty within the continential US.

Q: Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or the Caribbean?

A: Due to shipping costs and warranty servicing, we only ship to the continential US.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: We do not ship to or warranty transmissions in Canada at this time.

Q: How does core return work?

A: Place your old transmission (core) in our re-usable container, let us know it's ready, and we will send a truck to pick it up free, usually within 24-48 hours.

Q: I have a home-based business, does this qualify for the free freight shipping to a commercial address?

A: No. The freight companies consider any address with a home on the property a residential delivery. Must be a commercially zoned address.

Estimated Transmission Installation Labor Costs

At $85/hour average. Does not include fluid, local tax, shop fees or other incidental costs. Installation costs are paid to local auto repair shop or mechanic, not Street Smart.

Q: Can you estimate the cost of installation?

A: Here is a table of transmission models and the approximate hours and cost of installation.

Easy Core Return: Our transmission arrives in a shipping "Pod".
Just put your old core into the pod, call or e-mail us, and we'll pick it up free!

Frequently Asked Questions